Everyday Adventure In Iceland!

Today was the perfect day for outdoor activities. I strapped on my cross-country ski’s, packed some necessity in a backpack, put my dogs in their wool-sweaters and I was ready.

I am so lucky to live in a town of 1150 inhabits and the wild nature is all around. My dogs are two griffons, Villi (6years old, red) and Sammi (2years old, black) and I took my neighbors dog with me who is a 3 years old labrador female called Embla. She loves going for hikes with me and cross-country skiing.

The sun was shining so bright, the temperature around zero, not a cloud in the sky and no wind at all. It was amazing to have the privilege to enjoy the outdoors. I went up a road that was made for electrical line that goes to the power plant that is outside of the town. People call the electrical lines eye-polution but I look at it with positive eyes – the lines means roads. Roads that are up in the mountain and fun to walk, hike – or use as a cross-country-ski-run when there is snow.


I went up the mountain, over the hill and into a beautiful valley called Svínadalur. It is above the town and has a big river running through it. The river I had to cross if I wanted to finish my circle and not turn back (as every outdoor-activity lover knows, its always more fun to go in a circle then having to turn around). I had some trouble finding a spot where I could cross over but Embla ran over the river cand back to me many many times. If only I had four legs and no worries about getting wet!

I finally found a way over and Embla and Villi followed me – Sammi was afraid to jump. After many many tries to get him to jump, he finally fell into the river and got carried about 150m down the river until he stopped on a rock in the middle of the river and sat down there, shivering and crying.

I couldn’t reach him so I called for help. I tried many ways to get him to me but nothing worked.











Finally help arrived on our Four wheeler and with waders to get my little dog out of natural trap.
Sammi was both happy and relieved when I took him into my arms to warm him up.


3 hours and 6,5km later we arrived at my house. Tired, smiling and happy after an adventures day in Iceland!