The DNC wants the dictatorship of neoliberalism

The fraudulent Democratic Primary Election made us discover the dictatorial side of neoliberalism.

During the Primary, in fact, we have seen the media and social media boycott Bernie Sanders and his campaign. CBS, Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, Google, Facebook have literally darkened the Senator and have financially supported Hillary Clinton Candidacy.

The 1% doesn’t want to give up a penny of their own wealth and decides who should rule the country through control of the media, social media and search engines.

Neoliberalism is forcing Western Democracies Parties from voting. These parties are all neoliberals and if they come out from the track, are demonized or, worse, obscured.

Under the tyranny of neoliberalism there’s no room for dissent and all this leads to the death of conservatism and progressivism, to the death of the ideologies. All this leads to the death of alternation, to a mock political dichotomy that almost always ends to create a grand coalition governments that are incapable of governing.

American democracy is so proven that the DNC hasn’t been judged by the law and it believes are sufficient apology against Sanders, who, frightened and tried mentally and physically, given the weekly death of former DNC staffers called to testify, has decided to create ‘Our Movement’ in the hope of changing the Democratic Party.

For this reason, the Senator of Vermont, the most voted candidate in the Primary, will have little weight within his Party. And, with the same people in power, it could be a farce even the Presidential Elections, considered that the voting machines are calibrated and biased in favor of Hillary Clinton. For example, Stanford University have conducted a study according to which, where there was voting machines, Clinton had 15 points more there was pen and paper.

The philosopher and linguist Noam Chomsky argues that the US represent a danger for the Planet, former President Jimmy Carter argues that the US is no longer a democracy but an oligarchy. Julian Assange sees the US the only threat to world peace.

In my opinion the Democratic Party has sold his soul to the devil and President Barack Obama is became the President who has done more wars in US history, and at the same time, through the economic and financial policy, has modify the anciente balances between DEM and GOP: Democrats, today, are the highest paid politicians from donors of Wall Street.

The Democratic Party, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, have become the party of the powerful, the party of 1%, Wells Fargo, Google, Apple, Facebook, while the GOP of petrodollars, with the oil at very low levels, has been radically downsized.

It’s for this reason that Bernie Sanders has endorsed Hillary Clinton. It’s for this reason that CNN, CBS, MSNBC publish unrealistic surveys. It’s for this reason that Obama hasn’t spoken about the injustice suffered by Sanders and has blocked FBI investigations. It’s for this reason that GOP establishment doesn’t support Trump but Clinton. It’s for this reason that Bushes and Kochs now support Clintons. The actors of neoliberalism are afraid of dissent and support the strongest candidate. They support the candidate who has conquered the votes of independents: Hillary Clinton.

All this happens while the American people doesn’t know what happens. Why they are dying DNC staffers? Why Hillary Clinton isn’t in jail or indicted? Why in recent years they have made the war on the Talibans, Al-Qaeda, ISIS? Who created these terrorist cells? With what purpose they fight? Is there by any chance a religious war? And why, not long ago, Hillary Clinton has proposed as the final solution to the war in the Middle East, the recognition of the Islamic State? Why Clinton wants to attack Shiite Iran and not the Sunnis as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, United Arab Emirates? Because larger Clinton foreign donors are the Sunni countries in the Middle East and North Africa. The same countries that give protection to the terrorism.

It’s for this reason that Clinton will win the presidential elections. Because Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, New York Times, are in his hands. Because in the US there’s no press freedom. Because broadcasters are controlled. Because Social media has algorithms that favor Clinton. And the same thing they do Google’s algorithms. The USA are a neoliberal dictatorship. As National Socialist Germany during the Great Depression.